5 Luxury Junkies Incredible Experiences in May

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5 Luxury Junkies Incredible Experiences in May

Mauritius is a postcard destination full of stunning reefs, stunning beaches, and magnificent lagoons. This place is probably known for its adventure destinations, romantic getaways, and some lazy lounges, while its shares of luxury experiences go beyond fantastic hotels and amazing resorts.

1. Have Dinner on a Motor Yacht
One evening cruises around the coast of Grand Baie on a motor yacht, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the island, make for an unforgettable escape. Whether you want to spend a romantic night with others or spend some time alone in your thoughts, the short yet luxurious boat cruise must be on your Mauritius list of things to do. Help yourself to the chef personally prepare an enjoyable mix of cocktails and gorge on some delicious meals. You can book a table in the dining room or simply dip yourself on the top deck and allow the sea bride to magically work on your senses. The 3-hour yacht cruise can accommodate only eight people per journey, so reservations are advisable in advance.

2. Bet on a Horse at Champ De Mars
It's not like a luxury, and there could be no better case of it, as the second oldest racecourse in the world, the Champ de Mars in Port Louis, in Mauritius. Set your best attraction and head into the arena to enjoy the electric atmosphere that a hardcore race has created. You can enjoy a sofa and drink help and even bet two or more to make your trip truly memorable. The competition season takes from April to November and usually takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. Check the race dates with Mauritius packages Turf Club before planning an outing to ensure your Champ de Mars trip is well spent. Oh, the glory of the well-established horses to the finish! Here's the atmosphere that will certainly make you feel like an old aristocrat.

3. Go on a Private Snorkelling Outing
We can all agree that a snorkeling experience that is over before it begins can be quite dampening and waiting for your turn. We can all agree. A private snorkeling tour at the Coin de Mire Island of Mauritius is, therefore, a perfect alternative. You will be able to snorkel in the middle of coral reefs, bright and colored fish, and a plethora in the maritime life at an average depth only 6 meters away – without the haste to get to the next person. A private speed boat will lead you across the beautiful lakes and into the core of Coin de Mire Island. Once outside the waters, you can also look out for rare bird species from the Mauritian National Bird 'pills, including many other multi-colored tropical birds queue" to the Wedged Tail Shear Water. Make a drink and snack pit stop for a 30-minute drive back to Maurice before hopping on your private speed boat.

4. Visit Maison Eureka
Moka River Maison Eureka is a luxurious getaway with an insight into the colonial life of the area. The Palatial Colonial House has 109 windows and doors, and now houses a museum that has an extensive collection of rare photographs, antiques, ancient maps, and houseware from China and India. The backdrop is awe-inspiring, and once you've finished visiting Maison Eureka, you can wander on a quiet nature trail. Several small waterfalls, extensive greenery, and rare wildlife specimens are waiting for you here. A guided tour through the surrounding gardens, known for gigantic Damaras, the palm and mango fields, and four natural waterfalls can be enrolled. A rare plantation of water lilies is found in the area around the Moka River. A stop for lunch in the old kitchen is highly recommended for some smoked marlin, served with salad and dry beef, with sides of fricassee, peanuts, coconut chutney, rice, lentils, and pickles.

5. Spend a Day at Ile Aux Cerfs Island
Situated on Mauritius' east coast, the Ile Aux Cerfs is a haven of unaltered natural beauty and is also known as Deer Island. The private island, covering about 100 hectares of land, is bordered by white sandy beaches with mixed blue water till you can see the eyes. The site can be reached by private yacht, catamaran, or speed boat from the eastern coast of Mauritius. The beaches have restaurants that offer the best of authentic Mauritian cuisine and water restaurants for activities from boat rides to water skiing. The beauty of this island is true to appreciate a night's stay at a 5-star resort with an 18-hole golf course. Play the morning on the golf course, hit the greenery, enjoy views of the beautiful lagoons and clear waters of the ocean, lounge on the beach, taste delicious local cuisine or snorkel. The paradise island of Mauritius is called Ile Aux Cerfs. And this name lives up to the last bit.

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