Discover the Cleaning Tips for Different Window Coverings

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Discover the Cleaning Tips for Different Window Coverings

The window coverings enhance the home décor until they stay neat and clean. If they are dusty or have grime or dirt, they equally look bad and affect your home’s overall appearance. So, no matter how bigger an investment you have made, it seems worthless if you don’t keep your window coverings clean and maintain them properly. You may get surprised, but the tools and cleaning solutions you will require to clean your window treatment are already available in your home.

Regular and thorough cleaning will keep your window coverings look awesome and last longer. This comprehensive guide has reached with cleaning tips for the custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas.

Cleaning Window curtains

  • Firstly, you should read the label attached to the new curtains and follow the cleaning instructions.
  • Vacuum your curtains to remove an excess amount of dust. Then remove all rings and clips before taking them for washing.
  • If you have fiberglass curtains, they should be hand-washed. But before, wear your gloves to protect your hands from the glass filaments. Never wash the fiberglass in a washing machine.
  • Carefully handle cotton curtains. Most cotton curtains are washed in a washing machine.
  • Machine wash can open weave, sheers, and other soft and delicate fabric in a mesh beg. Instead, you can hand wash all such curtains.

Cleaning window shades

  • Window shades are made of easily washable fabrics. You will find that some shades feature a protective vinyl coating that makes it easier to clean.
  • Vacuum the window shades with the brush attachment. But firstly, lower the shades and then conduct vacuuming.
  • Remove all finger marks with a spray or sponge.
  • Remove the shades from the window to thoroughly clean it. Once removed, spread it on the flat surface. Now test the corner of the shades in warm water to check if the color bleeds.
  • If it is a non-washable shade, rub the surface with an absorbent cloth dipped in cornmeal.
  • To clean the washable window shades, use a mild soap solution prepared using a liquid dishwashing detergent and applies it to the rolled-out shade with the sponge. Rinse with a clean sponge in clean water and let it dry before re-installing.

Cleaning custom indoor window shutters pacific palisades

  • Cleaning the window shutters is quite easier than the other window treatment options.
  • If it is a painted shutter, use a small number of polishes and waxes to shine.
  • Vacuum all shutters attachments, and occasionally wipe to remove smudges and finger marks.
  • Use warm soapy water and a cloth to wash the painted shutters. Ensure you wash each louver on both sides.

Cleaning custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas
Draperies are usually made of heavier fabrics than the fabric used for curtains. These are dry-cleaning window coverings. However, some draperies are washable. So, check the product label for washing the draperies.

  • Remove all hooks and pins from the draperies before washing or dry cleaning.
  • If you want to wash the drapery, then first test a corner of the drapery fabric in warm water and detergent to check if it bleeds.
  • Always use a gentle cycle to wash the window draperies.

No matter which window treatment you have in your home, the first thing you have to do is read the label to check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the window coverings. The second most important step is to eliminate dust as it is the biggest problem with the window treatment.

Over time, a layer of dust gets created on the window coverings. So, before you conduct deep cleaning, wipe away all the dust using a cotton cloth or vacuum cleaner. The next step is to spot the problem areas where a large amount of grime is accumulated. Then clean the window coverings following the above tips given for the specific window coverings.

Regular cleaning does not only extend the life of your window covering, but they protect your window coverings from sun damage and discoloration. Also, it restores or refreshes the appearance of your window coverings. You also must know that dust mites, mold, and mildews contribute to bacteria and germs' growth, which is ultimately not good for your health. Hence, keep your window coverings always clean to provide a cleaner, healthy environment and improve your home’s overall air quality.

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