In Mauritius what can I do We need to see our highlights on a map

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In Mauritius what can I do We need to see our highlights on a map

All Mauritius sights on a map
We have sorted Mauritius sights by region to give you a good idea of which locations you can see in a day.

The map shows gray sights to the north of the island, turquoise sights to the south and south-west of the Island, and red lights to the east.

Cap Malheureux
In the extreme north of Mauritius, Cap Malheureux is a small town. Here is the church Notre Dame Auxiliatrice with its characteristic roof, which is one of the most popular photographic subjects on the island.

Fun fact: Cape Malheureux is Cape of Unhappiness. Where the name comes from is not entirely clear. The probably most probable theory is that the French named the cape because in a battle with the British they were defeated.

Maheswarnath Mandir Temple
About half of the population of Mauritius is Hindus, so the island consists of several Hindu temples of colorful colors.

In the north-west of Mauritius honeymoon packages, Triolet is the oldest and biggest temple. While the temple was a highlight of ourselves, we were all alone.

Tourists seldom appear to be going out. But this is definitely worth it because the temple is very nice and you can take some great photos.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
The town of Pamplemousses is home to a botanical garden, one of Mauritius' most important and most visited sights. Its full name is quite a mouthful but generally referred to as Pamplemousses, the Botanical Garden of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam.

Especially impressive is the pond with giant water lily, as is the nearby pond with lotus flowers. In the botanical garden, there are also giant turtles.

Port Louis
Port Louis is also the capital of the island, so if we didn't mention it here, we would have been remiss.

But in Port Louis, there is so much to see that we have dedicated a whole section to it.

The colonial mansion Eureka is south of Port Louis. British nobles used to live here, and the preserved mansion today houses a museum that gives you an insight into the lives of the privileged men of that time.

A rocky path leads downhill to a little waterfall behind the house. The waterfall is not very spectacular, so the trip can be saved.

Tour north of Mauritius by day
All these sights can be easily seen with a rental car in a single day. You can even spend some extra time on the lovely Trou-aux-Biches beach, which is very close to the Hindu temple.

You can take a private day ride with a driver to explore the north, as an alternative to the rental. During this tour, not only will you discover the most interesting points in the north, but also visit Port Louis Capital. As this is a private tour, you can adapt the route to your needs.

Port Louis capital's sights and attractions

The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. The town is not attractive at first sight as only a few old buildings are preserved. However, some interesting sights still have to be offered in the city.

Ghat's Aapravasi

The only Unesco site in Mauritius which is as connected with the country's history as hard to any other place on the Island is Aapravasi Ghat, next to Le Morne Brabant Mountain.

Between 1849 and 1923 over half a million employees arrived at Aapravasi Ghat to work on sugar plantations for the British.

A large proportion of the population of Mauritius is descended from the working class, many of whom come from India and often work and live in miserable conditions.

There are still only a few foundation walls of the port complex. There is also a very interesting exhibition with information on workers' history.

Central Market of Port Louis
Port Louis' central market is the center of commerce for the country as a whole. The local population needs a variety of halls: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and clothing.

A visit is worthwhile, although the market halls where meat is sold may become accustomed.

Fort Adelaide
Once built by the Englishmen, Fort Adelaide is still over a hill in Port Louis. There are only a few cannons left to remember his former purpose, the building itself is quite unspectacular.

But it's definitely worth climbing the great look over the entire city. The top walk takes approximately 15-20 minutes. In the noontime heat during peak season, this can be quite exhaustive.

On opening hours we could not find trustworthy information. We've read it opens between 09:00 and 15:00. But at 3:30 pm we arrived and the doors were still open.

Champ de Mars Racecourse
The second-oldest horse course in the world is Champ de Mars. Since 1812 horse races have taken place here! The path is 1300 meters long, and even if the race is not going on looks impressive.

But every Saturday, between May and November, things are really hot when thousands of locals go on the path to get their luck. Each race day there are eight races. It will begin at 12:30 pm and the last race will take place at 5 pm.

You have the option of booking a VIP package online if you want to see it for yourself. The best seats are offered, wagering is offered, and food and drink are naturally included. You're taken from your hotel. An experience of a real VIP.

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