How to choose the best web hosting platform

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How to choose the best web hosting platform

Web hosting is an integral part of running a business today. Almost all of the business transactions take place online now. It is very important to keep up with the digital trends if you wish to run your business online. To achieve the maximum benefit from the digital platforms, you need to have a good, efficient website. And to achieve this make sure you have the best hosting plan from the topmost hosting providers.

When it comes to picking a web hosting plan, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are a few steps to landing the best hosting plan. The first and foremost step is to decide which type of hosting will suit your needs best. Each person will have different objectives from their website and hence the requirements to host these websites will also differ. Today there are multiple web hosting platforms for one to choose from. Each of these platforms offers different benefits and has different features. I will describe a few of the most popular traditional hosting options here.

1.Shared hosting
This is one of the most popular types of web hosting. In a shared server, as the name suggests the users need to share a server among themselves. Multiple websites are hosted on one server and all the resources are split to keep all the websites hosted.

Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting option available out there. This is suitable for any beginner, individual, or business to start in the online world. Since server space and resources need to be shared, the effectiveness of hosting your website might be reduced to an extent. Even then, shared servers can well support beginner-level, low-scale websites.

2.VPS hosting
In a virtual private server, a single physical server hosts multiple individual private servers. These virtual servers are allotted their own server space and all the resources needed to support hosting a website. Even though one single physical server is hosting multiple websites, each virtual server only needs to support one website.

Having your own server and set of resources mean that you can experience a much more enhanced level of hosting. The most useful benefit VPS offers is its scalability. You can easily upscale or downscale your plans in case of fluctuating web traffic. The price is higher than that of shared hosting but it is still very affordable. If you are someone with a website that is constantly growing or has immense potential to grow, then VPS hosting would be perfect for you.

3. Dedicated server hosting
Dedicated servers are different from VPS and shared servers in a way that only one website is hosted by a single physical server. All the server space and resources are dedicated to hosting just one website. Dedicated servers are among the more advanced types of web hosting.

As you get all the resources and space to yourself, you can expect a faster and more efficient web hosting with dedicated servers. Since no other websites are influencing the performance of your server, you can also expect increased security and functionality. Dedicated servers are the most reliable and one of the most powerful web hosting platforms. Dedicated servers are priced on the higher side about shared and VPS hosting. If you own a successful website that has promised to bring revenue, then dedicated servers are a good fit for you.

So, you can see there are multiple choices when it comes to web hosting. The good part about this is that there is a hosting plan for everyone. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can find the perfect web hosting platform for you.

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