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WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in the world. It is estimated that around 40% of all websites run on WordPress. Besides existing website owners who are migrating to this platform in hordes, aspiring owners are mostly choosing WordPress to launch their websites. It’s a feature-loaded platform that is very easy and flexible to use. Setting up a website in WordPress is quite simple, but if you have any difficulty, you can hire a WordPress developer to launch your website.

There are many reasons why WordPress should be your CMS of choice. It’s an amazingly wonderful platform with numerous features to enhance your experience. It’s unmatched by any other content management system. This article highlights thirteen reasons why you should choose WordPress. Also read: Guest Post Outreach services

Easy to Use
The first criterion in choosing a CMS is ease of use. Anyone who is going to be a first-time website owner would want it to be simple to understand and easy to use, and WordPress fits perfectly into this condition. Also, it takes very little time to set up and it can be done effortlessly by following the instructions.

Easy Learning
It’s very easy to manage a WordPress website. Learning how to operate and manage a WordPress website is quite simple. Many online resources teach you the same in simple, easy-to-understand language. There is a large community of users in addition to WordPress development services providers who are there to help you out whenever you have any doubt or get stuck.

Another attractive aspect of WordPress is that it’s free. This is a great advantage as many people do not want to invest a substantial amount of money on a website at the outset. However, you can buy premium themes and plugins if you want additional functionality.

WordPress started as an exclusively blogging platform before gradually evolving into a comprehensive CMS. It has a built-in blogging feature that allows you to publish articles, manage authors, and perform a lot of other related actions to enhance the quality of your blog pages.

Managing Content
The ease of managing content is another characteristic that attracts bloggers and other users to WordPress. It has many features that make content management smooth and effortless. For instance, its writing blocks facilitate the addition of new elements to the post. Also, it has features that allow you to focus on your job without any interference by preventing every possible distraction.

E-Commerce Compatibility
Besides being blogging friendly, WordPress also supports eCommerce activities and many others. It makes the job of online sellers very easy because of its compatibility with a lot of plugins that facilitate e-commerce. Plugins such as WooCommerceare extremely popular as it makes online retailing very simple. You can create a product catalog, design shopping carts, set up payment gateways, etc., without much trouble.

One factor that has made WordPress the first choice of millions of users worldwide is its unmatched flexibility. Websites can be tailored to the needs of the business and its owner. You can customize your website in any which way you want. From the layout design to the functionalities, everything is under your control. You can hire a WordPress developer to better customize your website.

Free Themes
There are thousands of free themes on offer. A theme serves as a template around which you design your website. You can choose any theme according to your taste and business needs and tailor your website design to satisfy your business requirements.

Free Plugins
You also get numerous free plugins that can be used to add new functions to your website. You can choose from thousands of free plugins to improve the performance of your website and enhance its functionality.

WordPress is an extremely efficient CMS. Websites built on this platform are very fast, provided you don’t overdo it by adding unnecessary features. It is equally suitable for small and big enterprises; you can scale up whenever needed. Upgrades are made available regularly.

SEO Friendly
High rank in SERPs is crucial, and WordPress with its in-built SEO features helps you achieve just that. Navigation is easy and page optimization is made simple. Also, it allows building mobile-friendly websites that work equally well on different devices which contributes towards securing high rank.

WordPress provides full-proof security. It has enhanced security features that prevent any harmful attack from hackers. Regular updates ensure that you stay one step ahead of the hackers. You can further enhance the security by installing specific security plugins.

Social Media Integration
Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It is, therefore, crucial that you integrate your website with different social media platforms. WordPress allows you to do that with dedicated social media plugins.

To conclude, there are many reasons why WordPress is the first choice of website owners. It is very easy to set up and manage, but you can hire a WordPress developer if you have any trouble.

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